MovieBox PRO iOS

Hi folks hope you doing great. Today we are going to explain how to install and troubleshoot Moviebox Pro app on your iOS device.

Install MovieBox PRO with sideloadly

1. First use the following link to download sideloadly on your PC.Here we have provided the link to download MAC and Windows version.

 2.Now download the Moviebox Pro IPA from here.

3. Install I tune if you already haven’t installed it on your phone.

4. Open iTune app give your Apple ID and password.

5. As the next step install sideloadly and choose the Apple account.

6. Connect your iPhone to your PC through a lightning cable.

7. Trust the computer using your phone.

8. Drag and drop downloaded IPA file to the opened sideloadly app.

9. Click on start and produced Apple password ID when you are asked to do so.

10. Wait until the side loading process completes.

11. When it is over go to settings>>general>> profile and device management >>develop app and trust the newly installed MovieBox PRO app.

Now that you have install MovieBox PRO app on your iOS device let’s look at how to get invitation code that is used to use this app on your iOS device. Unlike Android uses as iOS uses you have to you have an invitation code to stream contents with this app. 

When sending the request email make sure that you send email using the same email address that you use to register with the his app.Drop the email to following mail .

[email protected]

How to overcome MovieBox PRO certificate being revoked issue.

Install MovieBox pro with Testflight and CloudTTS.

If you are already familiar with the app called testflight and have already installed it, rest of the procedure will be easy for you ,and if you don’t know what testflight is and how to install it, let us tell in a nutshell. 

Testflight is an special app that has been designed to test the beta version of apps developer by Apple developers.

1.Open Apple app store and type in testflight.

2. When testflight app appear in search results tap on it and install in the same way how you download and app from Apple store.

3. Download cloud TTS using link given here

4.Open cloudTSS and there is a + sign to the bottom right corner. Tap on it.

5.Select Google drive Sign and give you Google account login credential.6.Now enter the invitation code that you received via email.

MovieBox PRO Alternatives


Just like MovieBox PRO app this app also allow you to stream free contents. So many latest and up to date movies and TV series can be found inside this app and also this app supports to both Android and IOS operating systems. To read more about ZiniTevi app click here.

2.Moviebox HD

This is a second alternative to MovieBox pRO app. Special features found in this app like parental control,Trankt,Real derbi will make your life easy. Also, contents can we watch with subtitle of different languages. 


Movies cannot be played/ App is not functioning well.

1.First check if you have login to new movie box pro. You already haven’t try login using your Google account.
2.Force stop the app and restart it  3.Use a VPN. If moviebox is not working with the current VPN.Try changing it.
4.You phone may have been blacklisted.Use Third-party IMEI blacklist removal services like express unlocks/ direct unlocks

5.Sometimes movies cannot be played certificate may have been revoked by Apple. If so you have to wait until a new certificate is added.

Black or white screen 

1.Close and open the app.
2.Hard reboot the device to do that press and hold power button and home for 10 seconds. 


MovieBox PRO iOS version is one of the the most popular choices among iOS uses.Although there are some glitches with this app still it is the most reliable content streaming choice. Please follow the given links to download this app on your mobile phone.

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