ZiniTevi For Android TV

Did you know that your every-time favorite ZiniTevi app can be installed on your Android TV? If the answer is no, you will exactly learn how at the end of this educational guide. Mind you, unlike Apple TV users, android TV users are so lucky as this app is very much compatible with their devices and they are 100% free from frequent certificate being revoked issues.

How to install ZiniTevi on Chromecast

If you have enabled the developer option, read from step number 6. In case you already haven’t enabled the developer option of chrome cast,

1. Turn on your chrome cast and go to settings.

2. Then System>About>Android TV OS built.

3. To enable developer options to click on the Android TV OS built option seven times.

4. Now go to Setting >Apps >Security and restrictions>Unknown resources

5. Turn on all the toggles of the apps that can be found under unknown resources, including the toggle of the downloader app.

6. Now go back to the main menu click Apps and then downloader.

7. Go to the search bar and type the web address of the site that you want to download ZiniTevi APK from.

We recommend you download it from the official ZiniTevi GitHub site.

8. When the download process is completed, you can commence the installation by simply tapping on the install button.

How to install ZiniTevi on MI Stick

1. Go to google play store search and type in the downloader.

2. Click on the downloader app is visible in the search results.

3. Go to Settings>>device preferences>>Security and Restrictions >>Unknown sources

4. Turn on Downloader.

5. In the app launcher you can find the downloader app. Click on it.

6. Select Allow>>OK

7. Go to the ZiniTevi official site by typing in the URL and clicking Go.

8. Download the APK file and click install when downloading is over.

How to install ZiniTevi on Fire Stick

1.  Go to search and type in word downloader or speak the word to the remote controller mic of your fire stick.

2. In the search results, you can see a downloader app with an Orange colour icon. Click on it to commence the installation.

3. Open the installed app and in the work search bar type, the URL of the

ZiniTevi website and then click on Go.

4. When the file is downloaded click on the install button and click on done.

5. Once you click on this button, you can delete the downloaded APK file.

Press delete if you want it.

6. Go back to the home screen by pressing the home button and selecting see all.

7. Scroll down until you can see the ZiniTevi icon and click on it.

ZiniTevi Alternatives for Android TV

1. Movie Box

Movie Box is an awesome app that works perfectly on any android platform, including Android TV. This is one of the oldest free content streaming app.

2. Media Box

Like Movie Box, Media Box also compatible with Android TV. To get more information on Media Box please refer the linked article.

3. AstonCine

AstonCine is the newest app that comes to your hand with the trust of The ZiniTevi developer team. Installation and downloading procedures of AstonCine is not different from the procedures as explained above.


ZiniTevi works perfectly on Android TV and on devices that use the Android operating system. So, people, it is time to say bye to your premium streaming service. Try downloading ZiniTevi today.