All About ZiniTevi-Latest Update.

If you are a movie lover, you have come to the ideal place to get yourselves updated about one of the top ranking movie watching applications which you can download to your handheld device easily in no time. It is none other than ZiniTevi app where you will have the access to  latest movies.

 ZiniTevi is one the best movie watching applications where you enjoy unbelievable number of features. Unlike most of its counterparts, ZiniTevi caters to all your entertainment needs for it provides access not only to movies but also to tv shows, movie trailers, dramas, cartoons and many more. Further, movies belonging to numerous genres like Thriller, Action, Horror, Mystery, Drama, Crime, Animation, Fantasy can be enjoyed via this app. The best part about this app is that it is a premium app where there aren’t any sort of hidden charges or any subscription fee. Simply you can enjoy all these features with an empty wallet. Also you can watch 720p or 1080pp HD quality movies from this app. No matter what operating system is running in your device, you can download ZiniTevi in your device for this app has been designed to address quite large audience. It’s is compatible with any iOS device or Android device. Most importantly you need not to jailbreak your iOS device or root your Android device to get this to your device.

Let’s have a glance at the amazing features of this app has.

ZiniTevi App Features

1. You can download  and stream movies  via ZiniTevi for absolutely free.

2.  You can enjoy movies no matter you are online or offline. But in order to enjoy offline movies, you need have downloaded the movie beforehand.

3.  Without spending single penny, you are accessed to your favorite movies.

4. You can add movies or TV shows to favorites list to be watched later

5. Similarly you can save them to watched list too

6.Unlike for most third party apps, you are not needed to override the system limitations to install ZiniTevi in your iOS or Android device.

7. Since the app size is 16.5MB for iOS and 11.8MB for apk, it doesn’t consume much space from your device storage.

8. The app is quite easy to handle. You can choose a movie from your favorite genre just by single tap for the movies have been categorized according the genres in ZiniTevi.

9. When it comes to movie watching, the quality of the vidoe is matter which cannot be left aside. Via ZiniTevi, you are facilitated to watch HD quality movies for free.

10. Zinitevi supports multiple languages along with subtitles sourced from different websites.

11.Further you can sync history to the cloud too.

12. This app supports iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, 13,14 and the latest iOS 15 too and Android versions above 5.0.

When looking at the aforementioned unique features of this app,  I guarantee, you will surely gain un unprecedented cinematic experience, if you are with this app.

Downloading ZiniTevi to iOS

     Although you will not be able to install ZiniTevi via the Apple app store, it’s pretty simple to get it to your iDevice. But make sure that the source you found to get the app, is a reliable one. At the same time make sure to keep the low power mode disabled and background App Refresh enabled. Here are the instructions you need to follow to download the app in your iOS device.

There are methods to download the app in your device. They are

1. By downloading Test flight

2. Via Cydia Impact Tool

1. By downloading Testflight

1. First you have to download Testflight  via the Apple Apps store. You can download the Testflight at no cost.

2. Once downloaded, tap on Accept on Testflight

3. Then tap on View or Start Testing and

 Then tap on install. Consequently, the installation process will begin.

6.  Wait until the installation process is complete and once it’s ready you can scan the QR code and proceed with the instructions.

7. Finally, before launching the app, go to Settings> General> Profile and Device Management> then select ZiniTevi  app and tap on  ‘Trust’

8. Now launch the app and stream your favourite movies and tv shows.

2. Via Cydia impactor

1. First download Cydia Impactor to your PC or laptop.

 2. Connect your iOS device

3. Then open Cydia Impactor and it will identity your iOS device. 

4. Next download ZiniTevi IPA file.

5. Then enter the Apple ID login and password and allow Cydia Impactor to continue the rest of the work.

6. Soon the installation of ZiniTevi will begin and after it’s completed, you will the app icon in your home screen. .

7. Then go to settings > General> Profile and Device Management. Then select the ZiniTevi app profile and tap on “Trust”

8. Finally, launch ZiniTevi and enjoy all

If your iOS device is a jailbroken one, you can download the tweaked version of the app which is known as ZiniTevi++. This will facilitate you with the same ZiniTevi update.

Downloading ZiniTevi on Android

You will not be able to find this app in the google play store. Instead you will have to get ZiniTevi APK to download and install ZiniTevi in your Android device. Follow the steps below to get it.

1. First, open your favorite browser and type ZiniTevi APK or simply tap on the ZiniTevi APK download button available here.

2. If an error message pops up, just go to the Settings and enable installing from Unknown Sources and follow the previous step again.

3. Installation process will be started in no time and once it’s completed, the app icon will appear in the home screen and at this stage you’ll be able to start watching movies via ZiniTevi.

Other devices supporting ZiniTevi.

Apple TV, Android Smart TV, Chromecast, FireStick , MiBox, Roku, PlayStaion, Xbox,

ZiniTevi for PC s and Laptops

You will be really excited to hear that you have the facility of watching your favourite movies and TV shows for absolutely free via your PC, Laptop. Rather than watching movies in a smaller screen, you can enjoy HD quality movies in the larger screen of your PC or laptop. But since there isn’t PC version of ZiniTevi, you will have to get the assistance of an Android emulator. Emulator is a software program which will create an Android background in your PC. Likewise, you’ll be able to execute ZiniTevi in your PC. This will not affect the performance of the app by any way. NoxPlayer and Bluestacks are best known emulators. Both of them are user-friendly and easy to handle.

Similarly with the help of the WiFi sharing feature of ZiniTevi, you will be able watch movies via PC easily. All you need is to have a common WiFi connection to which both the handheld device and PC are connected. Executing ZiniTevi via this common wifi is quite easy for you just have to copy the URL in the Wi Fi sharing pop up and pasting the URL in the web browser. Then you’ll be able to enjoy movies via your Laptop or PC.

What if the installation process fails?

1.First  verify that the third party apps do not block the download.

 2.Then delete or uninstall ZiniTevi from the device.

3. Enable the Unknown Sources and reinstall the app using the above explained steps.


Hope now you’re fully enlightened of ZiniTevi app. It is undoubtedly a smoothly functioning movie watching application which can be downloaded instantly without making any sort of payment. Instead of wasting both your time and money at cinemas, be wise to get it to your handheld device and experience the ease you will feel because of having ZiniTevi app in your device.

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